Tyre Inflators and Gauges

Tyre Inflators and Gauges

For tyre inflation products and accessories that no safety aware road user or mechanic should be without, take a look at our great range of tyre airline gauges. We have a huge variety of air line inflators, including traditional gauges and digital models. We also offer single and twin connectors, and a range of tyre safety accessories.

Tyre Pressure Gauges – Guarantee Driver Safety

All automotive professionals understand the importance of tyre pressure. Under or over-inflated tyres pose serious safety risks, and motorists are advised to check the pressure of their tyres regularly.

Under-inflated tyres reduce fuel efficiency, cause uneven tread wear and make steering more difficult. When a tyre is over-inflated, the area that comes into contact with the road is reduced, and you have less control over the vehicle – increasing the likelihood of the tyres getting damaged.

Our tyre pressure products allow you to accurately and easily assess your tyre air level and adjust as necessary. Browse our range of quality air line inflators.

Traditional and Digital Tyre Gauges

Our air line gauges fall into two categories – traditional and digital models. We source all of our tyre safety and maintenance products from reliable manufacturers like PCL and Schrader.

One of our most popular products is the ALG3 range range from PCL. These lightweight clip-on gauges are used in garages, petrol stations and tyre shops across the UK. Their durability and slim-line design make them ideal tools for accurately inflating and deflating tyres.

The digital QUBE inflator is another extremely reliable product. It’s easy to use and incredibly accurate. At only 150mm x 150mm it also saves spaces, making it ideal for busy workshops. Its auto-start function means all you need to do is set the required pressure, place a connector on the tyre and let the machine do the rest.

Tyre Inflation Connectors and Accessories

No inflator gauge can be used safely and efficiently without a suitable tyre connector. We offer a selection of single and twin connectors for use in tyre shops and other automotive settings.

We also have a range of handy tyre accessories which help guarantee road user safety. These include a digital pressure and tread gauge, a tyre safety pack and a multifunctional tyre valve tool.

Browse our range of tyre inflation products and click ‘Add to Cart’ to place your order.