Tyre Air Line Hoses

Tyre Air Line Hoses

Browse our air line hose products for maintaining tyre pressure. If you work in the automotive industry, whether it’s a tyre shop or garage, you’ll need reliable equipment you can trust. Our air line hoses deliver air to tyres efficiently with minimal waste.

The Importance of Tyre Air Hoses

Over or under-inflated tyres affect a vehicle’s handling, which consumes more fuel and raises running costs for the driver. More importantly, they pose a serious threat to the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users.

Our selection of air hose products allow tyre maintenance professionals to deliver safe products and services to their customers.

Standard & Complete PCL Air Line Hoses

We stock a range of airline hoses from PCL, a manufacturer with a reputation for robust and reliable products. The hoses in the complete range have 13mm connections, while the standard products are slightly narrower, at 10mm.

Both are made from a rubber PVC alloy compound. This material is just as flexible as rubber, but is more resistant to abrasions and kinks. Our air line hoses come in the most popular lengths, ranging between 5 to 30 metres.

We also offer high-visibility hoses. These help you identify the air line in a busy or cluttered working environment and avoid accidents taking place.

Air Line Hose Reels

We sell a selection of reels for use with air line hoses. These can be either wall or ceiling mounted for a tidier workspace. This eliminates kinks in your hoses and helps prevent jams occurring. They are ideal for neatly storing longer air hoses when they’re not being used. The heavy -duty reel options offer greater protection and durability.

We also sell an air treatment regulation unit with mounted wall brackets. This is ideal for monitoring the air pressure being used on simple applications.

If you’d like further help in finding the right air line product for you, contact our sales team today. Or place your order by clicking ‘Add to Cart’.