Bead Seaters

Tyre bead seating is no easy task. It's important each tyre is seated correctly for a safe and optimum performance.

The Cheetah bead blaster is the ideal portable tool for tyre seating. By simply filling the booster to the necessary pressure, you can aim the barrel between the bead and wheel flange before releasing the manual valve to allow a blast of air and seal the bead.

Great for agricultural and truck tyres, the Cheetah tool features a convenient safety valve to prevent over filling.

Checking Your Tyre Beads

It’s important to check tyre beads regularly, as although the tyre itself may appear unharmed, the bead can often become lose from deflated tyres and off-roading.

Cold weather conditions can also cause a poor bead seal to leak air, meaning you’ll use a large amount of air pressure. Therefore it’s essential to ensure the tyre bead is seated effectively.

If you happen to notice a gap between the bead of the tyre and the lip of the rim, you can seat the bead quickly and easily with our blasting tool.

Using the Cheetah Bead Seating Tool

Designed with a high visibility powder coat finish, the Cheetah model has a five gallon capacity and a large, easy to read air gauge to make the task safe, simple and economical.

The welded tab can be locked securely on the edge of the rim for efficient control of air discharge between the tyre and wheel. This clever design means the tank can be discharged in one quick motion, making bead seating tasks much more manageable.

As experienced distributors of tyre maintenance repair products and workshop consumables, we can help ensure you have the right tools for the job. Contact our specialist team today or watch the handy video at the bottom of this page on how to use the Cheetah bead blasting seating tool.
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