Blue Roll, Disposable Gloves and Industrial Hand Cleaners

Blue Roll, Disposable Gloves and Industrial Hand Cleaners

A clean and tidy workplace is a productive workplace. Keep your tyre shop or garage spick and span with our fantastic range of janitorial products for use in the automotive industry.

Blue Roll

When you’re working with oils, lubricants, chalks and pastes on daily basis, spills are inevitable. Our top-quality industrial blue roll wipes up practically anything. The two-ply thickness helps soak up more liquid than ordinary rolls.

We sell standard sized rolls in packs of six, and larger rolls in twin packs.

Mopping up spills with blue roll makes your tyre shop a more pleasant place to work and helps prevent accidents. No self-respecting work floor in the automotive industry should be without ample supplies of this essential item.

Disposable Latex Gloves

A mechanic’s most valuable tools are his hands. Protect yours with our high-quality latex gloves.

Whether you’re dealing with chemicals or cleaning up a spill, our disposable gloves help prevent the spread of germs, keeping your workforce safe and your workshop healthy.

Made from either nitrile or latex, our gloves come in three sizes to suit all hand sizes. They fit neatly around your fingers, allowing maximum dexterity, so you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them.

These medical standard gloves can be used in practically any industry, and can protect your hands against waste materials. They even come in a choice of colours.

Industrial Hand Cleaners

Our industrial hand cleaning products let you maintain great hygiene standards by preventing the spread of germs.

Many of our cleaners come in containers with easy access dispensers. Our top-quality skincare foams are used everywhere from offices to laboratories. Grease and oil are notoriously hard to remove, but our orange hand cleaner features micro-polymer granules to make it easy.

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