Budget Lines: Balance Weights & Repair Patches

Budget Lines: Balance Weights & Repair Patches

Our budget lines section is perfect for ensuring your workshop is stocked up with those essential items without breaking the bank.

Wheel Balance Weights

Our wheel balance weights are produced by Hatco – one of the most prominent brands in the tyre repair and consumables industry. Since the late 1950s the company have produced a wide range of quality weights to keep tyres balanced.

Ideal for alloy wheels, our low cost coated balance weights come in packs of 100 and 50 and are available in many different weights to suit the vehicle. As experts in workshop consumables, we ensure all our repair products are easy to install for a fast fit.

When first introduced by tyre manufacturers, balance weights were produced using lead, but this was soon changed to zinc when it was discovered lead is toxic.

Driving with unbalanced wheels can be extremely dangerous, not only can the wheel begin to hop or wobble causing major ride disturbances, it can also cause the vehicle to increase speed making accidents much more probable.

Our standard Hatco wheel balance weights are suitable for nearly all vehicles making them great for tyre shop and garage use.

Tyre Repair Patches

Our square tyre repair patches can be used to repair punctures on almost all tyres and tubes. The two piece construction makes them easy to fit, whilst the handy casing keeps all patches together in your workshop.

Patches are now one of the most preferred methods for tyre repair. With our quality products you can be confident that vehicles are leaving your workshop with the correct maintenance work in place.

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