Motorcycle Tyre Tools

Motorcycle Tyre Tools

Whether you ride a motorbike or run a garage or repair shop, maintaining the quality and reliability of your wheels is very important.

We sell a wide range of equipment to help you get the most from motorbike tyres, ranging from small handheld tools to top-of-the-range machinery.

Motorcycle Wheel, Spoke and Saddle Weights

Balance on your motorbike is everything, and that’s where our collection of weights comes in. We sell high-quality spoke, saddle and adhesive wheel weights in a variety of sizes. All are easy to use and attach to the bike securely.

Our spoke and saddle weights range from 10 to 30 grams and come in packs of 25. We also sell a pack of 50 weights of assorted sizes.

Our black and silver adhesive wheel weight strips are from top manufacturer Trax.

Motorcycle Tyre Changers and Balancers

If you work in a tyre shop or garage that deals with motorbikes, you need a safe and effective way of changing tyres. Our Teco T27 Swing Arm tyre changer changer offers just that. This semi-automatic machine uses a turntable to apply an even amount of clamping pressure regardless of the size of the rim you’re dealing with.

The Teco T62 hand spin tyre balancer is easy to use and delivers a robust performance, but also saves space. It’s perfect for use at petrol stations or smaller repair shops. We’ll even take care of delivery and installation.

Motorcycle Puncture Repair

When it comes to repairing punctures on motorcycle tyres, we’ve got a range of tools that give great results. This includes carbide cutters of various sizes, repair plugs, sealants, aerosols and strings.

All of these puncture materials come from top suppliers like Tech and Oko, and are available at amazing prices.

Whatever sort of motorcycle tyre tool you’re looking for, we have just the thing. Our motorbike range includes everything from tyre levers to valves.

Place your order today or ask our team for more information.