Tech Tyre Products

Tech Tyre Products

Tech produce a wide range of effective tyre repair products, including tyre and tube repair patches. The international company are world leaders in the tyre industry, which is why we supply many of their fantastic tyre and wheel products at affordable prices.

Tech Tube Repair Patch

Our two way Tech tube repair patches are a permanent and safe solution for your tyres. Tech have created both round and oval repairs for any type of tube injury, on or off the road. The all purpose tube repair patch is designed for radical and bias tyres – the new compounding, thick rubber helps to resist dimpling and effectively repairs the tube.

Tech Tyre Patch

Our Tech tyre patches come in a variety of sizes to suit the injury and your tyre. These handy patches are ideal to keep in the garage and are designed for use with an appropriate injury filler material for a permanent, effective, industry recommended repair.

Tech Centech radical repair patches are some of the most advanced tyre patches on the market. These new repair products can be used on passenger, truck, agricultural and earthmover tyres to repair any crown, shoulder, or sidewall injury. The special compounding design allows the tyre patch to flex and resist heat, to assure a permanent solution. All Centech repair products are designed to last the lifetime of the tyre, saving you thousands of pounds. The clever patches are easy to install and do not need to be applied from a non-flex to non-flex area.

Tech Tyre Repair Kit

Tyre repair kits are ideal to keep in the garage or the boot of your car. Handy tools and puncture repair patches can help you fix any bias and radical in passenger, motorcycle, ATV, lawn, garden, and light truck tyres.

We also supply Tech Permacure truck repair products designed to permanently fix injuries in heavy truck tyres.