Air Tools

Air Tools

If you work with cars, you’ll understand the importance of tyre air pressure. A correctly pressurised tyre can vastly improve fuel efficiency which saves the driver money and is beneficial to the environment. It can dramatically increase the lifespan of a tyre too. But most significantly, it makes for a safer drive. Underinflated tyres have the potential to overheat, whereas overinflated tyres can make the handling considerably more difficult.

However, when you’re working in a garage, tyre shop or any other automotive business, air has a whole new meaning, because as a power source it provides some incredibly useful tools. We have a great range of air driven drills, buffers and impact wrenches that suit a range a professional needs.

Impact Wrenches

We’re particularly proud of our collection of impact wrenches. These tools are commonly used within the automotive industry because of their great power to weight ratios, which makes them really easy to use. Our impact wrenches can improve the efficiency of your working environment by providing maximum torque outputs, with minimal physical exertion, (many even have insulated soft grip housing). We have a range of wrenches on sale, offering a various socket sizes, including ½”, ¾” and 1”. You can choose from cordless models, units with low average air consumption and many more.

Impact wrenches are robust tools that can be used for several tasks in various industries.

Air Drills and Buffers

Air drills and buffers are also extremely important tools for anyone operating in the automotive industry. The drills, which run off condensed air, make administering repairs to tyres really easy. Our air drills can be used for a variety of tasks, including reaming, and honing (as well as drilling). Our PCL Grinder is another handy tool. Its great throttle action makes it ideal for polishing or buffing.

All our tyre air tools are available at great prices - order yours today.