Tyre Machines – Wheel Balancers and Tyre Changers

Tyre Machines – Wheel Balancers and Tyre Changers

In the automotive industry, there are few things as important as correctly fitted tyres. If you work in a tyre shop or garage, you’ll understand the importance of having the right tyre machines on hand.

We provide a range of reliable tyre machines at great prices. Browse our selection of wheel balancers and tyre changers today for quality tyre fitting equipment for your workshop.


Teco are leading manufacturers of high-quality automotive support machinery. They specialise in reliable and easy-to-use tyre changers and wheels balancers.

Teco combine Italian engineering with robust product designs to produce tyre machines for use in all areas of the automotive business.

Leverless and Fully Auto Tyre Changers

If you’re in the vehicle servicing sector, you’ll need a reliable tyre changing machine. Whatever sort of tyre needs replacing, we have the perfect machine for the job.

Our leverless changers are ideal for removing heavy-duty tyres from cars and larger commercial vehicles. For tough, low-lying tyres, try our auto tyre changers.

These machines eliminate the hard work involved in removing, replacing or repairing tyres, minimising the risk of injury to your workforce.

Wheel Balancers

Ensuring the wheel and tyre are precisely balanced is extremely important. An unbalanced tyre can cause damage to the whole car. It can affect handling, lower fuel efficiency and impact upon the overall safety of the vehicle.

Fit your wheels correctly with our wheel balancers. A digital display calculates any imbalance between the wheel and the tyre, and indicates where extra weight should be distributed.

These incredibly useful machines can be used to fit tyres for cars, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles.

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Replacing or repairing a damaged wheel, rim, or tyre can be expensive. Good tyre handling equipment can save you hundreds, if not thousands, by avoiding accidents and improving efficiency.

Free shipping is available on all of our tyre fitting machines. To purchase one for your automotive business today, just click ‘Add to Cart’.