Tyre Pressure Sensors (TPMS)

Whether it’s a car, lorry, van, truck, motorcycle or commercial vehicle, thousands of drivers have underinflated tyres which can reduce tread life, fuel economy, road handling and overall safety. Despite the constant development of vehicle technology, many cars still have no visuals where drivers can check their tyre pressures.

With new legislation introduced in November 2012, all new-type vehicles are now required to have a tyre pressure monitoring system installed. In November 2014 this will also apply to new passenger vehicles and the TPMS must be installed by a qualified technician.

Tyre pressure monitoring sensors are now a significant part of annual Ministry of Transport tests, applying to all vehicles registered from January 2012. Cars with a faulty TPMS will fail their MOT test from January 2015.

We supply a wide range of diagnostic tools which are essential for synchronising sensors with many different types of vehicles. Tyre pressure sensors need to be monitored and serviced to ensure they are completely accurate and have no faults.

TPMS Starter Kits

TMPS starter kits are perfect for all commercial garages and tyre shops. Our packs come in various sizes and include sensors, service valves, screws for snap-in valves, nickel plated valve cores, pressure seal TPMS caps and handy storage containers or cabinets.

TPMS Tools

TPMS tools are needed to activate newly installed sensors or reprogram the device when you change a vehicle’s tyres or wheels.

Triggering tools are ideal for wirelessly decoding or activating TPMS sensors. With the ATEQ VT30 trigger tool you can capture all data and download or print the information via your computer. These specially designed Tech products can also be updated through the internet.

TPMS Valves

We offer a selection of TMPS service valves, many of which are designed by leading valve brand Schrader. Tyre pressure monitoring sensor valves are vital for easily adjusting tyre pressure to the accurate measurement. Designs include snap-in versions made from a rubber overmolded brass stem and clamp-in models created from aluminium.

All our TPMS products are manufactured by industry leaders Tech, who offer a growing range of the latest tools and kits in this field.

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