Tyre Valves

Ensuring your tyres are fitted with a good quality valve is crucial. Tyre valves help to maintain tyre pressure and allow air to be added or removed.

Tyre valves are extremely important as far as tyre life and vehicle safety is concerned. You should check your tyres and valves at least once a month to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. If tyres are leaking or appear underinflated on a regular basis, these are good indicators that your valves need to be replaced.

If your tyre valves are worn, damaged or dirty, this can lead to tyre failure which could potentially cause a serious road accident. Valves with poor seals can cause your tyres to under inflate which reduces tyre life by approximately 25%.

As you can’t replace a valve without removing the tyre from the vehicle, it’s a good idea to replace your valves every time you change a tyre.

We supply a wide range of tyre valves, suitable for all vehicles. Check your vehicle manual to find out which valve you need, or simply look for a number moulded into the base of your tyre valve.

Schrader Valves

We offer a selection of Schrader valves which are one of the most popular types of tyre valve on the market. Schrader valves are sometimes referred to as American valves, and designed with a unique cap to stop any dirt or water entering the valve core. This extends tyre life and helps stop any leaks or jams.

Valve Tools

We supply a wide range of valve tools to help you fit tyre valves with ease. Our four-in-one valve tool features a core extractor and three other handy tools designed to make the fitting process quick and easy.

Our double end valve keys are ergonomically designed and ideal for helping you remove the valve core with ease.

Unsure on what valve or tool you need? Contact us today for expert advice and our latest offers.